The Talent Awards

Jacob Gade's Legat have for several years awarded a number of Travel grants on application.

The Travel grants applied to advanced music students. The grants had a magnitude of typical DKK 12,000, which made it most appropriate to support summer schools and other similarities.

As the years have gone by, Jacob Gade's Legat were under the impression, that several major foundations and endowments has taken an increasingly interest in this significant and very visible target group.

In connexion to the debate on the "food chain" in the classical music, Jacob Gade's Legat became aware of, that very few, if any, provided financial support to the development of young musical talents. Jacob Gade's Legat therefore chose to reorganize the Travel grants. Since 2003 there have instead been awarded a three-year Talent price, of scholarships of DKK 45,000.

The target group for the Talent prices is the very young musical talents, age 10 to 16. The young people have obviously not had a long time to establish themselves in the music scene.

Nevertheless, have Jacob Gade's Legat over the past five years, discovered a number of major talents as diverse instruments like flute, oboe, piano, frenchhorn and violin, and Jacob Gade's Legat follows the young talents development with great interest.

On several occasions, Jacob Gade's Legat have had the opportunity to se the young people perform. The intentions are, that the Talent prices are to be followed up by an actually concert for the scholarship recipients arranged by Jacob Gade's Legat.