Tango Jalousie in Films

Tango Jalousie has been used in more than 100 films and TV-plays. In film contexts the tune is used for three purposes primarily. In a number of films the tune is used to describe the characteristics of the 1920s and the 1930s. In other films the music is used for tango dance, and finally "Tango Jalousie" is also used as music in sensual scenes.

It was originally written as accompaniment for a silent movie: "Paris in Spring" starring, among others, Ida Lupino came in 1935, the James Cagney film "City of Conquest" in 1940, "Anchors Away" starring Gene Kelly and Kathryn Grayson in 1945, "Romance of the High Seas" starring Doris Day in 1948, "Flamingo Road" starring Joan Crawford in 1949 and "Painting the Clouds With Sunshine" in 1951. "Sea Chase" starring John Wayne came in 1955 and "Bombers B52" starring Natalie Wood in 1957. Later came "Death on the Nile" starring David Niven (1978).

Add to this from recent years a number of films in which the tune has been used as background music: "Tangobar" by the Argentine director Marcos Zurinaga (1988) and the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvars "Atame!" (danish title: "Bind mig, elsk mig") from 1991. Plus in Spielberg’s "The Schindlers list " (1997) and in the British film "The full Monty " (1998), Sally Potters film ”The man who cried” (2000). In Danish connections "Tango Jalousie" has been used in Nils Malmros' "Århus by Night" and in the TV-series "Matador".

The Animated Jealousie

A visual interpretation of Jacob Gade’s Tango Jalousie from 1925, which passionately expresses the drama of jealousy. An elderly violinist strikes up a tune and dances across the screen, young again. Meetings, hearts set on fire, rejection and defeat, maturity and peace. (Filmkontakt Nord, Nordisk Panorama Market 1998).

Tango jalousie
Denmark, 1996
5 min.
35 mm, no dialogue

Director: Jannik Hastrup
Production: Dansk
Tegnefilm Kompagni, Jannik Hastrup

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