The Real Estate of the Jacob Gade Foundation

In addition to the annual awards and travelling scholarships, the Jacob Gade Foundation makes yet another practical contribution to assist the development of talented young musicians. In order to help young music students to get flats in which they can live and work for a reasonable rent and in a musical environment while pursuing their musical studies, the Foundation has over the years acquired five houses in Copenhagen, Odense and Århus.

The first house, on the corner of Rigensgade and Gernersgade in Copenhagen, was acquired in 1968. It contained 26 flats, but it had to be given up a few years later due to the requirements of city planning. At the end of 1972, Kronprinsessegade 44 in central Copenhagen was bought. It contains 20 flats and 2 business tenancies. This was followed in 1977 by Herluf Trolles Gade 9, also in central Copenhagen, which contains 15 rooms, 1 flat and 4 business tenancies. In 1983 the Foundation acquired properties in Odense and Århus: Christiansgade 69 in Odense, with seven 2-room flats, and Barthsgade 4, Århus N, with 8 flats. Most recently, in 1993 the Foundation bought a large building, Liflandsgade 4 - 8 on the east (Amager) side of Copenhagen, comprising 30 flats and 5 business tenancies.

About 120 music students have their lodgings in these properties. All have rental contracts for periods of from 3 to 5 years, so there is a regular turn-over of tenants. When a flat becomes vacant it is advertised and applications are considered by the Trustees to ensure that the flats benefit as many deserving music students as possible.

Of the value of these student lodgings, Ida Rostrup, contrabassist, has said:

“I moved into the Jacob Gade Foundation’s house in Kronprinsessegade in Copenhagen when I had two or three years of my education [at the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music] left. It was an incredible place to live, as the house is situated centrally in Copenhagen with a view over “The King’s Garden” [of Rosenborg Palace]. Just as important, however, is the fact that one lives with other young people who are in the same situation, which as a music student means that you can practise all you want, you don’t disturb anyone. It is also valuable to live in a musical environment among fellow-students with whom you can discuss and exchange ideas. You listen to each other and inspire each other - it is a very productive environment.”

The first house was acquired in 1968. It was the corner house Rigensgade-Gernersgade in Copenhagen which contained 26 flats. The house, however, was given up a few years later due to the local efforts of slum clearance.

On 1st December 1972 the house, matr. nr. 402 Sankt Annæ Vester Kvarter, Kronprinsessegade 44, 1306 København K. was acquired. It contains 20 flats and 2 business tenancies.

On 1st January 1977 the Jacob Gade Foundation acquired the house, matr. nr. 4089, Øster Kvarter, Herluf Trolles Gade 9, 1052 København K. . The house contains 15 rooms, 1 flat, and 4 business tenancies.

On 1st June 1983 the house , matr. nr. 1au, Østermarken, Odense Jorder, Christiansgade 69, Odense . was bought. The house contains seven 2-rooms flats.

That same year, on 1st September, the Foundation acquired the house, matr. nr. 1526h, Barthsgade 4, 8200 Århus N. The house contains 8 flats.

On 1st February 1993 the house, matr. nr. 1830 Sundbyvester Kvarter, Liflandsgade 4 - 8, 2300 København S. was bought. It contains 30 flats and 5 business tenancies.

When a flat is empty it is advertised at the academies and the Trustees then treat the received applications.

In the houses live about 120 music students all in all. They all have a tenancy for 3-5 years, thus a renewal of the tenants takes place all the time and the flats benefit as many music students as possible.