Jacob Gade's Tango Jalousie is the best known piece of music ever written by a Dane. As late as the 1970s it was estimated that every minute of the day someone somewhere in the world was playing Tango Jalousie; only the Beatles' Yesterday could for a time match its popularity. The income from Tango Jalousie - and his many other compositions - made Jacob Gade a very wealthy man and provided (and continues to provide) the capital for Jacob Gade's Legat, which annually since his death on 20th February 1963 has granted considerable sums to talented young Danish musicians.

This Website tells the story, in sound, words and pictures, of Jacob Gade, Tango Jalousie, and the Foundation it enabled him to create. The text about the music of Jacob Gade is completed on the basis of an article by Søren Friis.

You can listen to Tango Jalousie while reading its history, in the course of which it has been recorded in countless different arrangements, as well as having been featured in numerous films

Besides information about Jacob Gade, his life and works, you will also find here everything you need to know about his Foundation and the work it does to promote young and talented musicians in Denmark.

This Website also offers you links to other sources relevant to Jacob Gade and to the Tango in general. It will show you how you can buy CD's with Tango Jalousie via the Internet and, should you wish further information about anything concerning Jacob Gade, his music or his Foundation, it will enable you to get in touch with the Foundation directly.

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